Beware Of This Dangerous Disease

Thalassemia can be devastating for us. You are perhaps familiar with the fact that this dangerous disease leads to blood disorder and anemia. As the bone marrow fails to produce the proteins that are indispensable for the hemoglobin. In this grim situation a person is tormented and afflicted with thalassemia. It is well-known that this disease is hereditary, and it is often due to cross marriages. Prevention is better than cure, and the most prudent step is to avoid marriage with persons suffering from this disease.

Recently an important seminar about Thalassemia was held at Unpad Learning Hospital. Vice Governor of

West Java and Thalassemia Ambassador, Dede Yusuf pointed out that West Java in Indonesia has a very large number of thalassemia patients. “Attention from various parties is required for early thalassemia screening and detection. Screenings should start in villages
and campuses”.

The consequences of this disease can be very severe. This is substantiated by the recent example of an Indian Sukhsohit, who had been diagnosed with thalassemia long back in 1985. Due to his perseverance and hard work, he was selected for the Indian Civil Services, which is the dream of most of the Indian students. The most unfortunate fact is that he is being denied the job due to thalassemia. He is running from one hospital to another for the medical certificate of fitness to join the civil services. I may add that a thalassemia patient needs to undergo regular blood transfusion.

In North America, the number of thalassemia patients has been rapidly increasing during the last ten years due to global migration from southeast Asia.

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