Epiphany We Find




Car bombs explode
Kill the innocent
Bloodshed. Rebels fight
For a separate state
Moscow airport Domodedovo
Suicide bombings kill
Twin metro attacks kill
No path of light
We forget
We are His emanation

Get rid of Narcissus ego
Content with his own beauty
We are sheep without shepherd

Beware of fascist
The word Fascist
Tolls me back to
Million corpses roting away
Fascist and bigots are wretched
Ethnic barbarism
Our life, our progeny
Our very existence in peril

The higher our spirit

The heavier tribulations we suffer

The more we forgive

The more powerful we become

With God's grace


Adversity is strength

Bear all insults and attacks

And secretly confide

in Lord

Thus flesh won't torment you


Escape from tribulation

Leads to hell

Embracing pain

Leads to peace

The more you die

The more you live

The more you suffer

The more you are at peace


Away, away!
Safer in the nectar
From sacred, mystic mazes
From the silent heavens
Balmy rest to our thirsty soul's distress
Peace to the unquiet wanderer

Bitterest hours no more afflict
Only with zen habits
Fair and innocent soul
Sings unnoticed like a dove

It is true, my friends
Zen shapes us, increases metonin
Liberates us.
Only in the silence of zen

/> Epiphany we find,
Ecstasy sublime we discover.
Hear rhythm of Sheba’s song to Solomon
The silent nymph’s message:
Ere our coffin insects eat
Ere our dirge spiders weave.
Be nothing
Enter the Garden of Peace
Until the physical body almost vanishes
And we are acceptable to God-
And Paradise win


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