Falsehood And Cheating

It is universally acknowledged that we feel depressed and cheated as we come to know that our friends are liers. No doubt, the Almighty Lord has intended us to speak the truth. Every wise person instinctively feels that true friendship cannot survive if its foundation is based on deceit and friendship. It is necessary to emphasize the truth that our success in life depends upon honesty and truth. Falsehood and cheating is our biggest enemy. At times, due to heavy pressures, we tell a lie. This might bring us temporary success. But our character is lost for ever as

the society becomes aware of our falsehood.

This can be easily substantiated by the following story of Aswathama, the son of Dronacharya. Both father and son are legendary figures due to their extraordinary bravery. Drona was on the verge of defeating Kauravas. Suddenly, Yudhistra, the symbol of Dharma and Truth, exclaimed: “Aswathama is killed in the battle.” Hearing these words, Aswathama’s father stopped fighting, as Yudhistra had reported

about Aswathama’s death. In fact, Yudhistra told a lie to win the battle. The truth is that Yudhistra’s image was tarnished due to this as he was the embodiment and incarnation of righteousness. If Yudhistra had not told a lie about the death of Aswathama, the righteous Pandavas could never have defeated wicked Pandavas.

This might be added that according to several wise philosophers, there is no harm in telling a lie if this saves the life of a righteous person. There is no cause for getting depressed if by telling a lie you have saved the life of a noble person. If we are obsessed with a frenzied insistence on speaking the truth, this might create many more problems in our life. Stephen Hicks aptly remarks that all truth is relative. The fact is that all creeds and cultures are deserving of respect. Extremism is a vice to be avoided.

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