The Foundation Of True Love

Edgar Allan Poe, the famous American Romanticist , aptly defines Love in the following immortal lines:

Thou wouldst be loved? — then let thy heart
From its present pathway part not!
Being everything which now thou art,
Be nothing which thou art not.
So with the world thy gentle ways,
Thy grace, thy more than beauty,
Shall be an endless theme of praise,
And love — a simple duty.

In these immortal lines, we find the essence of love’s philosophy. We may remember that Poe is not talking about the raptures of love, nor is he indulging in abstractions about gates of

heaven. We will be loved provided we follow this finest line by Poe “Be nothing which thou art not.” This, as Poe adds, is ‘more than beauty’.

If love rules our minds, the world will become a paradise to live in. The Romantic love is best if it is genuine. It is ‘the marriage of true minds’ (Shakespeare). The purest Romantic love we find in Shakespeare’s heroine Viola who

doesn’t speak about her love for the King Orsino. Her love is like “patience on a monument smiling at grief”. Her love is most attractive as it is embalmed in tears. True love is deep, silent and self-sacrificing. Another most important thing about love is that it sanctifies and strengthens the soul. pure love isdeep as life, peaceful and unchangeable as Truth.

If we have delicacy of feeling, the tenderness, the generosity, and faithfullness, our married life will be full of happiness and joy. Moreover, if we are highly conceited and proud, and afflicted with superiority complex, our married life will be full of petty quarrels. The inward grace of modesty and humbleness is the foundation of true love. The truth is that pure and sincere love is the sweetest and tenderest emotion.

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