Freedom And Social Injustice

Freedom and Social Injustice

There is no doubt that we will get inner happiness if we are servile to none. The fact is that that we should always refuse to surrender before a tyrant. This will certainly fill us with hope and add to our self-esteem. This might be remembered that we can get freedom only if we are careful to see that all our neighbors too get the same liberty.

It is difficult to agree with the renowned philosopher John Dewey’s view that the demand for liberty is the demand for power. The truth is that the dictators cherish

lust for more and more power. They are hungry for unbridled and absolute power as they are afflicted with egotism and narcissism. If we have feelings of love toward others, we have true love for freedom.

Moreover, true freedom never means to behave like despots. In fact, true liberty lies in possessing the power to do those things that we must do.

The persons who commit injustice against others can never hope to enter the Kingdom of God. The unfortunate lust for power

and sadistic delight in torturing innocent people more than anything else has misled a great majority of ignorant politicians, and they are indifferent toward the feeling of human brotherhood. Injustice against the poorest of the poor is due to “the dog-eat dog practices of current business and politics.”

The most depressing sign of the postmodern age lies in the fact that this disease of inflicting social injustice against the persons of different color and creed, and also against the poor and helpless people is almost world-wide.

It is really very painful that in the past the slave-owning society oppressed the Negro people as revealed by several black poets from USA. Buying and selling of slaves flourished in several cities of US. Walt Whitman very poignantly pointed out that “The same old blood! The same red-running blood” flows in a Negro’s veins also. These injustices are destroyed only when there is a great moral awakening.

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