Health Benefits Of Walking

The most common reason for heart diseases is that most of the people never do any physical exercise. There is no more miserable person than one in whom nothing is habitual than idleness. Regular exercise is indispensable for keeping your heart in healthy shape. But it is prudent to remember that we should never over exercise and strain our self. Moderate and regular exercise in the morning is most necessary.

Walking is the best exercise for good health. "A vigorous five-mile walk will do more good for an unhappy but otherwise healthy adult than all the medicine and psychology in the

world" (Paul Dudley White).

Rapid industrialization in this age of machinery is responsible for adding several risk factors to our health. It is well-known that before the start of industrial revolution we did a lot

of physical labor. We used to walk long distances. We now seldom do any physical work as we are enslaved to computers, laptop, television, cellular phone, and microwave ovens. We have forgot the eternal truth that our heart needs regular exercise.

Walking, running and jogging reduce heart stroke chances to about 40%. “Walking is no more just about getting the ideal weight or get into the perfect shape. It is more related to the well being of a person and also to reduce the risks of cardiovascular diseases” (Elina Needham).

Would you like to really enjoy good health? If so, put into practice the quote: “10,000 steps a day is good for the heart” (British Health Foundation).

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