Illiteracy In India

The greatest number of world’s illiterates are in India. According to an estimate, only by 2060, we may see universal literacy in India. The Government’s schemes like National Literacy Mission, Sarva Siksha Abhiyan and Mid-day Meal Scheme are trying to eradicate illiteracy in India. The opening of 160,000 new schools is a step in the right direction.

The Nobel Laureate Amartya Sen aptly points out that the absenteeism of comparatively well-paid teachers is a major problem to solve the problem of illiteracy in India (“The Argumentative Indian”).
It is really most unfortunate that we have 296 million illiterates, age seven

years and above, as per the 2001 census. To spread literacy among the children in about 100,000 villages in
India is a formidable task. According to   UN  Report “The Education For All–Global Monitoring Report”, India is making good progress to eradicate illiteracy. It is surprising that two-thirds of the total illiterate people are women.

"Many of the 8.3 million Indian children born with low birth weight will carry a burden of disadvantage with them into primary school,.. in Bangladesh, India, Indonesia and Nepal, the big challenge is keeping children in school once they enrol," the Report further added.
If the children drop out of the school early, their unoccupied minds may lead them to criminal activities.

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