Mahatma Gandhi, The Father Of India

Mahatma Gandhi, the Father of India

“I am mindful that I might not be standing before you today, as president of the United States, had it not been for Gandhi and the message he shared and inspired with America and the world”-President Obama


Inner visions, glyphs of the Almighty Lord
Celestial fire, primordial power and penance
Change brainwaves
Gandhi is born
Spiritual awakening, visionary world of sacred utopia
Away from scams, black money
Musclemen contesting elections
Girls kidnapped on nearby streets
Look! Hell is here
Sigil, act of conscious will
Will create new Gandhi
A triumph of sublime

A triumph of psychic elevators
Pick a place to start
To create a better world
Welcome, Mahatma Gandhi!
Earth needs you
At this hour


Ancient values
Where we receive insight and answers
Nonviolence raises vibration
Aware of divine intelligence
Miracles begin in our life

A divine presence in each individual
Honor your guardian angel
Ask him to show up in dream
Strike the enemy not by violence
Strike by changing his heart
Beware of politicians who worship violence
Beware of the perfidious wolf
Light weapons
Heavy weapons
A new

culture of grenades
Now, man has become a cannibal
We need Mahatma Gandhi
To civilize our ignorant earth gone mad
To discover lost paradise
To reach Delectable Mountains.
Peace kisses our planet


As Gandhi’s message of love and compassion
Unravels the knot
And we hear the voice of Holy witness
At early dawn, noon and dusk
All hours, hear the voice
To create Eden on our planet
It is time you scolded Satan
And save our beloved earth
From war-mongering politicians
Enter the Rose garden
Spread Gandhi’s words among mankind
Come, let us lit a candle
Offer prayers for peace
Rescue us, O Lord
From mass slaughter, systematic killing

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