Narrow Nationalism

Unless the world gets rid of perilous racism, we can never hope to turn our planet into alittle paradise. The biggest danger to human unity and solidarity is the racial separation, and the thoughtless prejudices we have for the people different from us. We should never forget that plurality is life, and bigotry is death. Ralph J. Bunche wisely asserts:” Man has but little heeded the advice of the wise men. He has been - fatefully, if not willingly - less virtuous, less constant, less rational, less peaceful than he knows how to be, than he is fully capable

of being. He has been led astray from the ways of peace and brotherhood by his addiction to concepts and attitudes of narrow nationalism, racial and religious bigotry, greed and lust for power.’

The above apt observation points out that we should transcend bigotry and extremism, so that all communities lead a life of dignity and peace. The differences between Israeli-Palestinian, Hindus-Muslims have taken away so many innocent lives. The fact is that racism is present in almost every part of the world. This is evident from the following lines by Francis Duggan about racism in Ireland. The poet feels pained by the fact that in Ireland, the immigrants from Romania are not treated in a dignified manner:


As the Land of

saints and scholars Ireland was known Worldwide
And the Irish people suffered and their rights to them denied
But the Irish in their sense of fair play could take a certain pride
And for their human rights and liberty the sons of Ireland died.

Poor migrants from Romania their possessions weigh light
To live and work in Ireland do they not have the right?
They may come un-invited but their numbers only small
And the Irish too are migrants as history will recall

In the above third stanza, the poet aptly raises the question why the immigrants from Romania have no right to live and work in Ireland. The poet reminds us that the Irish themseves are immigrants, so they have no right to condemn these immigrants from Romania. The truth is that the people should not be judged on the basis of their color, race or creed.

The tragic Holocaust during the World War II reminds us the great importance of tolerance and compassion. “About six million European Jews and millions of other were killed during World War II, a programme of systematic state-sponsored murder, led by Adolf Hitler.”


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