Pain Killers Harmful

The fastest-growing number in the world is of those people who due to sleeplessness are addicted to taking sleeping pills. In the mid-night, they are thinking of their liabilities, kids and bills, and they are unable to sleep. They take sleeping pill, but they forget that it has vere serious side-effects like nausea, dizziness, constipation, memory loss and headache. Moreover, they get habituated to the drug. This has a very dangerous effect on their good health.
The American Academy of Sleep Medicine has wisely warned against the use of sleeping pills. The truth is that deep breathing and techniques

of relaxation can be very helpful in controling sleeplessness.

A common misperception is that using lot of pain killers and medicine is not detrimental at all for our health. In fact, if we take pain killers on a regular basis, it is very harmful. We should analyse if it

is okay. The truth is that pain medicines like paracetemol and codeine make us addictive and dependenent upon them.
There are several good alternatives. Pain killers might give you only temporary relief, but they will have side effects too. Pain killer kills the symptom, but fails to cure the cause.
The latest technique is Neurostimulationt is very helpful in blocking the pain receptors, and there are are no side effects.
The second alternative is practicing Yoga. The importance of Yoga as a threpy has been established by lates medical researches. Millions of Americans practice Yoga daily.
Next technique is just simple walking , and drinking plenty of water to cleanse our body.
If we have acute back pain , we may take a pain killers for a few days only. This won’t make us addictive.

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