In Praise Of The Buddha


In Praise of the Buddha

 If a man's thoughts are muddy,
If he is reckless and full of deceit,
How can he wear the yellow robe?
Whoever is master of his own nature,
Bright, clear and true,
He may indeed wear the yellow robe.
                                          -Gautam Buddha


Wandering through woodland and copses
I prayed for hours and saw Bodhi tree
In order to understand Buddha
I must be close to Buddha
So I offer oblation and exclaim:
‘I’m dead

You are the spirit
You are illuminated state of Grace’.


Buddha spoke:
“Beyond opposites
Start pure insights.
Thus all nature seems in love
Transcend virtue and vice, love-hate;
Beyond, far beyond
Beauty from inmost soul radiates,
Touches space fragrant o'er medula.
This is the dance,
The dance of soul
The nectar, & only the nectar.
Nuclear scorpions, spy satellites
Ask questions to receive communications from the spirits.
The only truth is Middle Path
Having this you have everything
Vision-questing saves you from bigotry, extremism.


In the new millennium
Satan is going too far
The innocent children and women die in Iraq and Syria
Their ghosts will ask you
About these crimes

/> And what you won’t reply
Is the only thing they will ask
Let us prove
The vision of love and compassion
To keep the Earth alive
From unruly winds of barbarism
Oh, the sweet joy
The humble do find
In quiet contemplation
Stir up the fire of nonviolence
Rise, and shake off sleep
End your groan and hear my words
Celebrate diverse cultures
Race and religion


Renascence will begin
If all nations follow one Destination
Destination of Brotherhood and peace
Accommodate diverse views and customs
To create the vision of sweet peace
To Buddha, who meditates under the Bodhi tree divine,
All glory and power
I sing his praise for evermore
No other path more sacred
Than Middle Path

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