The Quality Of Being Humble

It is very important to speak politely without making any person unhappy. If we are full of jealousy and egotism, we will speak harsh words that will annoy our friends. If we have been humble and polite, it will be a relief when we go to sleep. On the other hand, angry and violent words haunt us during our sleep, and we are unable to have good sleep.

If we are humble, we will enjoy the blessings of the Almighty Lord. We find in the greatest Sanskrit epic Mahabharata that due to unpardonable pride and abusive language, Duryodhana along with all

his family members was killed by the Pandavas. Similarly in the epic Ramayana, God Ram killed the self-conceited, ten-headed Ravana.

R. W. Emerson, one of the greatest American transcendental philosophers, very wisely remarks that a great person is always working to be little and humble. The truth is that there is nothing more divine than humbleness on our planet. R. W. Service pays his sincere compliments to the persons who are really humble and poor in the following very attractive lines:

I met upon a narrow way,

/> Dead weary from his toil,
A fellow warped and gnarled and grey,
Who reeked of sweat and soil.
His rags were readyful to rot,
His eyes were dreary dim;
Yet yet I had the humble thought
To raise my hat to him.

In the above wise words, we notice that the poet admires the quality of humbleness. The poet aptly says that we should not feel superior to a poor laborer. The truth is that he deserves our respect. Even if  we are unhappy with our friend, family member or colleague, we should never blacken his or her character. We should never indulge in any ungenerous or unkind taunt.  To get happiness in life we should get rid of egotism, and we should always be unpretentious and modest. “If you are right, take the humble side -- you will help the other fellow. If you are wrong, take the humble side -- and you will help yourself.”

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