The Voice Of Faith

In the newspapers
Never I find
Vision of world peace
Never I find the answer
Why the grass grows fair and green
Never I find
Acts of kindness and charity
Never I find
Any noble act by

The global community worldwide

In the newspapers
Always I find
NATO strikes again
2G scam
Collusive corruption
Gunshots fired
Children killed in bomb explosion
Spying, clandestine operations
Menace of terrorism
Ten members of a family
Jump to death in a canal
Student stabs teacher

In the newspapers
Never Ifind little
Acts of kindness and love

Hinder, prevent this
Or grant a time
When there is

sweet spring
When our earth turns into a little paradise.

Nuclear weapons seduce dictators and fascists
The righteous  punished for speaking the truth
The eternal moral values no more exist
The wicked are cowards. They murder and are invisible.
The Almighty Lord will reincarnate
Universal brotherhood

will be restored
Black clouds of terror and bloodshed vanish
If we hear God speaking to us
In our innermost heart
With God’s blessings
Light golden will guide us
Shield us from infernal fire
Tornado of chemical weapons
And nuclear radiation
Satanic slaughterhouse
Nightmare riding our conscience
Sinister conspiracy lethal
The devil is frightening father
Of nuclear warheads
Sincere prayer will annihilate the arch fiend
Monstrous venom is ever
Repulsed by the voice of Faith


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